Vacuum Tube
Our first step for a giant leap

The Tube

Hyperloop transport is as much about the vacuum tube as it is about the pod. With all the focus on pod research and development, it is time we shift focus and start to #ThinkOutOfThePod. Avishkar has been spearheading Hyperloop tube research in India, actively researching on and designing a novel and cost effective tube.

The Goal

World's largest student run Hyperloop Testing Facility

to boost open source Hyperloop Development





Ready by

Summer 2022


IIT Madras

Gradually scaling up to reality, Avishkar plans to implement the design for the vacuum tube in a 500m sub-scale pilot, expected to arrive next June. To be located at the IIT Madras campus, the tube will be the first of its kind to be entirely designed and implemented by a student team. This one-of-its-kind facility is built to foster innovation in the Hyperloop community especially in India. We aim to make this tube an open Hyperloop Testing Facility by allowing student teams and others from all over the world to test their pod prototypes and other Hyperloop technologies in a safe vacuum environment.

Tube Prototype

Our first step for a giant leap

As a first step to materializing the Indian Hyperloop dream, we have tested our design for the Hyperloop vacuum tube in the form of a 3.6m long, 1m wide prototype located at the Centre For Innovation, IIT Madras. As of recent, the prototype has been successfully tested for its vacuum capabilities, hitting an absolute pressure as low as 133 Pa. The successful testing of this prototype has given us the green signal for our 500m long vacuum tube coming up next summer.

Tube Parameters





Minimum Pressure achieved

0.997 mm of Hg

Leakage rate


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